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Great way to end the week Dave. The TX story is both horrifying and encouraging ... what will the Governor do? do they have a state auditor or IG? I am VERY intrigued by the potential for AI to help people navigate the complexities of applying for SNAP, housing, UI etc. I look forward to learning more.

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Do you know if there are problems in SNAP processing outside of just Texas, and what the best data sources would be to understand this? https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/fy-2022-reported-application-processing-timeliness seems to suggest that Texas isn’t even the worst here, although I don’t know if there are better/other metrics that track these things.

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Timeliness is definitely a problem beyond Texas, but the report you cite is the most recently released data for all states (gathered via federal quality control.)

Some states publish (or track, but don't publish) timeliness data. For example, NYC's "mayor's management report" actually reports it, and it has fallen to ~40% timely for FY 23 ( https://www.nyc.gov/assets/operations/downloads/pdf/mmr2023/2023_mmr.pdf ) California is another state I know publishes it.

In terms of states having problems, one of my biggest sources for this is in fact social media. On Reddit I can say there are consistent reports of timeliness problems in Texas, New York (city and counties outside the city), Florida, Georgia. While not rigorously measured nor necessarily a sample likely to get smaller states, such reports are *much* more recent than the data normally published, so I see it as a leading indicator.

Medicaid unwinding is also having a side effect on many states' SNAP programs in terms of timeliness because it's often the same staff.

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Is the CA timeliness report this one? https://www.cdss.ca.gov/inforesources/data-portal/research-and-data/calfresh-data-dashboard

I'm a bit confused since the numbers in the CA dashboard don't line up with federal QC. For 2022, federal (https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/fy-2022-reported-application-processing-timeliness) shows CA at 79.84% timely, whereas the CA dashboard shows 96-98% for every month in 2022. It's possible they are reporting on different metrics, but would be curious to understand which is more reflective of reality.

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